Medishare is a medical surplus recovery organisation which shares sustainable healthcare solution with disadvantaged communities. 
Operating from a Rotary warehouse at Castle Hill, many clubs and Rotary members have been volunteering to fold surplus hospital blankets ready for shipment overseas.
There remain many more blankets for folding and shipment !
Carlingford Rotary Club member Chris Johnson has shared the following update:
"It has me excited to have the goods received, folded, stacked, wrapped, funded, packed, and loaded on transport this morning headed to a dock. 
2 orange containers of blankets with 60 pallets or 15,000 blankets weighing 22,500 kg each. The blue container is headed to Zimbabwe by a diaspora couple in Rotary Club of Orange North. 
The forklift is a rental for the week, sadly, as we could be much more efficient to own one."
Rotarians - can we donate a forklift ??