By PP Philip Newall

This is the new name for HEERA, which itself was formerly called Donations in Kind.

On 23rd June, Chris Johnson, Ed Strom and John Davidson of our Club worked at RARE, assembling two pallets of non-perishable pre-boxed medical items and creating packing list waybills. These were hospital beds, which needed separating, testing, matching to accessories and organising.

The pallets were addressed to the Ukraine and Qantas was taking them as free freight to Heathrow. From there Rotary has arranged road transport, which may go via Poland if it cannot be direct. 

As some members will know, RARE is a Rotary organization, which is, involves in collecting items of medical and educational equipment and consumables. These are stored, sorted and packed into containers and sent to developing countries. Great efforts are made to ensure that the items are sent to organizations (usually connected with local Rotary clubs) and put to appropriate use. The work in NSW is currently organized by an experienced Rotarian called Keith Roffey.

Our Club has been involved with RARE, which has a very large warehouse in Castle Hill and our Club has committed to helping out there on the fourth Thursday each month.

Cristy and I were unable to help on this occasion as we were out of town.

Our colleagues from the Club did a great job, and everyone should be aware of the ongoing commitment undertaken by some of our members. This shipment to the Ukraine, which as you all know is suffering so badly, is a great thing for our Club to be involved with.