Have you stopped to enjoy the music of Peter Allison when visiting North Rocks Market ? 
Peter often plays at the Market on a Sunday morning, and all the money he collects is donated to the Can Too Foundation. 
Peter has collected more than $7,000 towards his fund raising effort for the Can Too Foundation, largely thanks to customers visiting the North Rocks Market.
Cantoo raises funds to support Cancer research by training people to run half and full marathons, and ocean swim (1km, 2km and 5km).  The only qualification for the ocean swim is that you can swim 100 meters.  In return for the training by qualified coaches, participants are expected to fundraise an amount generally about $1300, over the 12 week program as a donation.
In the summer program just completed, 14 swim groups raised over $400,000 to fully fund four cancer researchers for a year.
Peter's involvement started 5 years ago when his adult daughter announced that she was doing a 1km ocean swim, and said "you are doing it with me Dad".  Since then Peter and his daughter have both moved on to be Team Captains, and encourage others to take the dive.
Next time you see Peter singing, dig into your wallet or purse and give generously !  For more information on Can Too, visit their webpage.