Report by Ed Strom on Eugowra - devastated by recent flooding.
On Monday last Bob O’Shea, his grandson Zac, a mate of Bobs (in a great 49 Ford pickup), Pam Hudson and her husband, the District Secretary and I went up and back to Eugowra with five vehicles full of non-perishable food, hand tools, electrical leads, power boards, power tools and a few odds and ends.
I was surprised when we arrived at the showground as there was no one there except a few Rotarians from Parkes and Orange and some support workers, I realised that we had arrived at the same time as the funeral for the lady that lost her life and everybody had attended that.
They do not require any more food or clothing but their immediate needs are plumbers and electricians.  There would be the need , in the near future, for cleaners, painters and general roustabouts.  On the material side of things they needed disinfectant, cleaning products, cleaning gear and mosquito repellent.  They would also like some gift cards so they can purchase personal items.  Pam Hudson was camping overnight and would get more details the next day.
So after a sausage sandwich, cooked by Rotarians of course, we headed back to Sydney.  It will be a long road back for Eugowra and now the water has gone down, the work continues and will for many months.   Thank you very much to the people who have contributed and made the trip to Eugowra.