Nov 14, 2023 6:30 PM
Karthika Sivarajan
Diwali - Festival of Lights: meaning and relevance

Karthika Sivarajan is an eco-conscious, kind and compassionate person. A mother, she has had a colourful career, playing roles as diverse as Product development Engineer, Software professional, Primary school teacher, Educator, Speaker and now a social Entrepreneur who has started a social impact venture called Auroraz soulful gifts.
 Auroraz is all about embracing and empowering women, particularly those from the disadvantaged sections of society. Auroraz promotes eco-friendly, sustainable products like hand-stitched cotton/jute handbags, lunch/laptop bags etc. made by mentally challenged women in rehab-shelters and women from lower socio-economic sections of India.
She recently won Gold in National awards-Ausmumpreneur people’s choice -Humanitarian award.
She as well co-authored the book ‘ The woman changing the world’ . Her chapter is all about realising oneself and how we could inspire each other and as well get inspired from every moment in life.
She volunteers at NSW RFS and received NSW Premier’s Citation Award for bushfire emergency service 2019.
She as well received IWD 2023 award on excellence in writing for multicultural community .
As a cofounder and facilitator of Vshare dialogue circles ,she provides a safe, non judgmental space for women to share, learn and discuss on various issues and reflect on deeper emotions.