Disaster recovery in Eugowra
Oct 17, 2023
Ned Anson
Disaster recovery in Eugowra

Ned is a passionate community engagement practitioner, who recently spent 7 months in Eugowra, working as part of the NSW Reconstruction Authority’s response to the November 2022 natural disaster. Ned and his team provided flood affected residents with temorary housing and demolition support. From disaster response through to recovery, Ned managed strategic communications and engagement to build and maintain social license in disaster-affected communities across Central West NSW. He also supported affected residents through their flood recovery journey, whilst identifying alignment between community needs and agency capabilities. 


Ned worked closely with Council and NSW Government agencies, as well as Community Leaders and community members. He designed and distributed materials for the community, Councils, the Minister’s Office and other Government bodies and departments. He led inspections, and coordinated construction works with partner agencies and subcontractor teams.


Ned is incredibly grateful for his experiences in Eugowra, and considers it to have been one of the most enriching, devastating, and powerful times of his life. He now considers many residents and team members lifelong friends.