Vocational Excellence – Martha Jabour and Dr Munjed Al Muderis

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We are priviledged to have two recently inducted members. Martha and Munjed both make huge contributions to the community through their vocational work. 

Martha Jabour, OAM

 has been the Executive Director of the Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc. employed by the Institute of Forensic Medicine in 1993 to set up the support group, providing counselling, support and referrals for the family members of homicide within the counselling section.

Martha trained as a grief and trauma counsellor at the Bereavement Care Centre and the National Centre for Childhood Grief after the loss of her second son Michael to cot death . She gained experience in Grief, Trauma, Policy Development, Strategic Planning and responding to crisis management, whilst working both in a voluntary and paid position with the Sudden Infant Death Association. Martha  wants to further promote victims’ rights and needs, with a special focus on crime prevention, particularly in the areas of domestic violence, mental health, and juvenile justice.

Dr Munjed Al Muderis

Dr Munjed Al Muderis

 is an orthopaedic surgeon and clinical lecturer at Macquarie University and The Australian School of Advanced Medicine.

Munjed studied medicine at Baghdad University and, as a first-year student, fled Iraq as he refused Saddam’s regime brutal orders to surgically remove the ears of soldiers who had escaped from the army. After getting on a fishing boat, Dr Al Muderis ended up at Christmas Island and then transferred to Curtin Detention Centre. From his release, he travelled across Australia doing various work until he got his first job as a Doctor in Mildura.

Today he is a world-leading surgeon in the field of osseointegration, and also a pioneer in helping people who have lost their legs to walk again.



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