New Member Introduction -
May 16, 2023 6:30 PM
Sophie Bayar
New Member Introduction -

I am from the place where everyone used to move their home four times in a year making us more adaptable and agile to the environment. My name is Solongo Bayarsaikhan (Sophie Bayar). I was born in western part of Mongolia and raised in a small city called Baganuur which located 120km away from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. My parents were teachers, and I am one of 6 children. All of my siblings live around the world including Korea, Japan, US and Mongolia. I built my own family with 4 beautiful children, and we moved to Australia 6 years ago for education purposes. It was highly worth it for my family.

I have done my Bachelor of Accounting in Mongolian leading university. I became a Mongolian CPA accredited professional accountant with over 10 years of experience in financial reporting, tax accounting and external auditing. During my study years I volunteered in student societies and participated national level competitions.In 2021, I had my master’s degree of Banking and Finance from Macquarie University. I used to work at KPMG Australia, now I am working as Administration, Accounting, and Personal assistant role (all in one position J) at my husband’s carpentry business called GrandKhaan Joinery Ltd Pty.

  Previously, I worked as an accounting manager in a consulting company, where I managed daily operations of accounting team and issued financial and tax reports for clients. Recently I have gained an interest in sustainable finance and want to contribute to ESG reporting.


In terms of my personal interests, I like to challenge myself on different types of sports. These include wrestling (judo, sambo), hiking, marathon, athletics and polo. My father was a sport’s teacher. He was a big influence on my interests in sports activities. I had a chance to participate in the World Elephant Polo Championship and won as an Amateur Champion with my Mongolian Nomads team.


I am passionate about volunteering and making a social impact. Due to the extreme weathers in the Mongolian ranges, our nomadic culture has learned to support each other in times of need. I would like to spread this care and kindness to the members of the community through this amazing socio-networking organisation. In the one year that I have volunteered in Carlingford Rotary club, I have met, learned from and befriended many people. I am blissed to join the Rotary club and greatly looking forward to working in the upcoming board member as a Treasurer.